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Way to Go!

Way to Go!


Game Summary

The developer has promised Steam keys to past, present, and future customers who purchase this game on ShinyLoot if Greenlit. Vote for it on Greenlight here.

Way to Go! is a game with simple rules and surprisingly tricky puzzles.

The Temple of Peace is in disarray: somebody has stolen the gems from the tree that bears jewels for all the peoples of the world. Help your three little heroes Rob, Egg and Liz to find the gems again!

Just use the mouse to drag commands onto the tiles and guide your heroes to the exit.
You can rewind at any time to correct mistakes.

Way to Go! has over 400 levels, guaranteeing hours of fun.

Key Features

  • A heart-warming story told in over 20 cutscenes
  • 406 levels
  • Lovingly-crafted graphics
  • Cute characters
  • Four game modes
  • Intuitive controls
  • Gradual increase in difficulty
  • Rewind function
  • Trophies for completed levels
  • Low hardware requirements
  • For Windows, Mac and Linux

System Requirements


Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Max OS 10.7 or Linux
Processor: 1.66 GHz Single Core CPU
Memory: 1 GB Ram (2GB recommended)
Video: DirectX 9c compatible graphics card
Other: DirectX 9c compatible sound card

User Reviews

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"Way to Go!" is an adorable puzzle game featuring upbeat music and bright graphics. There are three environments that correspond... with the three characters. While the gameplay doesn't change drastically between environments, it's still nice to have the visual variety. You have to indirectly guide your character to the exit of a stage by placing tiles that change your direction or manipulate the game board in some way. There are no time limits. The game has no arbitrarily frustrating design choices; it's just you and your ability to think ahead. There are different modes to play and new obstacles are added over the course of adventure mode. Recommended for puzzle lovers.


Great little logic game with a charming and friendly aesthetic, and the puzzles are surprisingly devious. Music is nice, art is ...great, gameplay is solid; all around quite a nice game. Way to Go! features 406 different levels to play which is a pretty huge amount, so I can see this providing many, many hours of gameplay. And you can step the action back or forward mid play so you don't need to worry about starting over every time you fail, which is a nice touch. Fans of logic puzzle games should check this one out, it's got more depth than the cute exterior might suggest at first glance.
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