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Tower of Guns

Tower of Guns


Game Summary

Tower of Guns is a fast paced first-person-shooter for the twitch gamer... with a few randomized elements to keep it fresh with each play through. It's a short burst "Lunch Break FPS"... not unlike FTL or Binding of Isaac mixed with Doom 2. Tower of Guns was made by a guy named Joe (with his brother Mike composing the music).

Key Features

  • SINGLE SITTING FULL EXPERIENCE: For all of those who have too many games (or too little time) this is a game you can pick up and play again and again, without remembering where you were or what you were up to. If you're gonna win, you're gonna do it within an hour or two. That's a big if though... it won't be easy.
  • ALWAYS A FRESH EXPERIENCE: Random enemies, random power ups, random bosses, tons of unlockable items and weapons...even random-level compositing! You never know what to expect when you sit down in front of Tower of Guns.
  • CRAZY POWERUPS: You've played first person shooters where you can double jump, but have you played any game where you can centuple-jump? You can in Tower of Guns, with the right items.
  • GUN-MODIFYING MADNESS: Do you like rocket launchers? You'll like them more if you're lucky enough to stumble upon a "shotgun" modifier. A rocket-launching shotgun is very satisfying. Mix and match your gun with a dozen different Gun Mods!
  • OLD-SCHOOL TACTICS: For the fans of the faster shooters, it's all back: circle strafing strafe your way to glory at insane speeds. Tower of Guns is all about moving fast!

System Requirements


Operating System: Windows Vista/7
Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (Dual-Core)
Memory: 3 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 2 GB available space
Video: NVidia Geforce 275 GTX +512mb memory. Warning: This game is  CPU and GPU intensive. There are a lot of bullets. It's stable on older Nvidia cards (8800 era) but the frame rate made for a sub-optimal experience.
Other: DirectX: Version 9.0c, Windows compatible sound card.

User Reviews

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A quite challenging yet fun first person shooter. As soon as you start you'll find yourself trapped inside a huge tower full of ...killerbots, with just a couple of pathetic weapons unlocked and not a single clue on how to play... This is actually a good thing! Like in Binding of Isaac the player finds always something new, is forced to think fast... And the action is frenzied, you need to run if you are willing to survive. After a while you'll start to unlock weapons and perks for your starting loadout... The actions required to unlock them are shown in the game, so it's quite fun to make a run or two trying desperately to unlock a particularly good one. A very interesting feature is the weapon experience: enemies drop red, blue and yellow orbs. The blue ones are the experience points for the weapon: as you collect experience your weapon levels up (up to the fifth level) becoming insanely effective. Anyway each damage you receive drops your experience level... Keep an eye on it, it won't be fun to beat the final boss with a level 1 pea shooter... I've had so much fun playing it, and finally my win-death ratio is starting to rise... Give it a try, and be patient! It's worth it.


Very fun randomized shooter, with tons of modifiers and things for a wonderful rogue-like kind of experience. I don't give it a ...5 because it kind of drops you into the deep end, not an easy start, it takes a while to get the hang of the difficulty, but that's part of the idea.


Guns. Guns everywhere. This game is a first person bullet hell, which is a difficult combination to find nowadays. It also incor...porates some rouge-like elements, allowing you to collect and purchase loot in the form of upgrades and stat boosts. This in itself is fun, but one of the more enjoyable features of this game is the literal ton of secrets that can be found. Every room has a secret or two to unlock, and because of the randomized nature of the game i'm constantly finding new things on every playthrough. But whats all this mean without the gunplay. Shooting in tower of guns is chaotic and exaggerated. It doesn't take long for your screen to be swamped with bullets, missiles, and bombs. The downside to this is that your first five or so runs are mostly likely going to end in a quick death, as the game doesn't start you with very good weapons. Unlocking new guns should be your first priority, as progression past the first boss is almost impossible without it. Speaking of which, like any good rougelike, this game gets extremely difficult on the later levels. The game lets you choose between dashing past enemies to the exit, or fighting it out in the search for power ups and loot. These sort of decisions become very important later in a run, as arming yourself is key to preparing for the next boss fight. Overall this game has a special charm to it. Being hand crafted as a co-op project between two brothers, you can see the love that has been pored into it. If you are a fan of bullet hell shooters, or simply want to try something different and don't mind a challenge, then you should defiantly check this game out.
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