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The Cat Lady


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The Cat Lady is a highly engrossing adventure game by author R. Michalski. 

Susan Ashworth lives alone and responds only to her cats. Lost and withered, she decides to end her life. But this is just the beginning of her surreal journey that will take her beyond her own problems and face to face with all the ones she has tried to get away from.

Critically acclaimed and winner of Best Story by Adventure Gamers in 2012, The Cat Lady delivers non-stop punches, twists, turns and critical thinking as you end up enveloped in Susan's nightmarish world.

It's an experience you won't easily forget!

Key Features

  • Gritty, urban horror with a shocking yet sentimental storyline
  • Simple controls for a smooth adventure
  • Over 70 minutes of original music
  • Sounds, voices and dramatic sequences will draw you in further

System Requirements


Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Hard Disk: 1.5GB HDD Space
Video: DirectX 9.0

User Reviews

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Few games manage to tell such an interesting story successfully. The story proceeds like a good short novel, well written and em...otionally resonates very well with me. To compare, few other games succeeded in doing this for me, like: To the moon and The sea will claim everything. Games like these give me hope that mature and intelligent stories can be succesfully told in video gaming medium. Chapter system means you can play it in daily chunks with some feeling of "completion" i.e. you don't feel you left in the middle of something. But also get curious about what will happen next, like a good series.


I'm probably in the minority, but the game is horrible. I like the fact that the developers tried to make a truly dark and matur...e point and click adventure, but that's all the game has going for it. It's boring, the story is not interesting, the characters are not well developed, and overall the game is vastly overhyped. The voice acting is decent, especially for the main character. The story is predictable and there aren't any surprises to be found. The conversations are way too drawn out, going on for minutes at a time, including during non-essential dialog. Some of it is nice, but the characters babble so much that the game starts getting boring. I had a very hard time getting hooked on this game and I couldn't wait for it to end. I wanted to play it through to see the ending and to see why people love this game so much, but it was torture.


Released in 2012, The Cat Lady is an indie game that stands apart from other "broody" indie games that have become so popular in... recent years. In The Cat Lady you meet Susan, a 40 something ex-nurse who now works as a waitress, and is quite unhappy with her existence. With the tone of the game set in the very beginning, you'll spend much of the game helping Susan not only survive against monsters, but also helping (or hindering) her emotionally and mentally. The writing is the star in The Cat Lady, as everything about the game is well written, from the dialogue to the characters to the story itself. Susan herself is one of the most interesting protagonist in recent memory while the other characters are memorable as well. The writing can be a bit vague at times, but it's not really confusing. For gameplay, it's a relatively standard side scrolling point and click game. Perhaps the most frustrating thing about the game is Susan's movement speed, she doesn't exactly hurry anywhere. Graphically the game just plain looks good. Featuring a high contrast black and white art style on some levels and bright and fully colored scenes in other levels, the art direction works really well to help tell the story. The sound (including voice acting and music) in The Cat Lady are top notch. The voice actors gave a performance far better than most indie games, though at times it's indie roots are noticeable (ie: recording quality of certain lines). The music is excellent and is really varied, from simple piano ballads to jazzy tunes to hard rock, some of the songs will definitely get stuck in your head.
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