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The Cat Lady


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The Cat Lady is a highly engrossing adventure game by author R. Michalski. 

Susan Ashworth lives alone and responds only to her cats. Lost and withered, she decides to end her life. But this is just the beginning of her surreal journey that will take her beyond her own problems and face to face with all the ones she has tried to get away from.

Critically acclaimed and winner of Best Story by Adventure Gamers in 2012, The Cat Lady delivers non-stop punches, twists, turns and critical thinking as you end up enveloped in Susan's nightmarish world.

It's an experience you won't easily forget!

Key Features

  • Gritty, urban horror with a shocking yet sentimental storyline
  • Simple controls for a smooth adventure
  • Over 70 minutes of original music
  • Sounds, voices and dramatic sequences will draw you in further

System Requirements


Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Hard Disk: 1.5GB HDD Space
Video: DirectX 9.0

User Reviews

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From a very long time I haven't been absorbed by adventure game. The last time was, when I played The Longest Journey. Not that ...I didn't play other good adventure games, but there is always one some that just suck you in and don't let you go until the end credits. The Cat Lady is phenomenal!!! Bloody, gory, moody, brutal, but with a lot of heart and it tackles sensitive and mature subjects. I have problems with the technical side of the game. All options are in a launcher. The problem lies with the resolution – it doesn't supports 1920x1080. It stretches everything. There is a solution, but makes the game with black side bars. That's more like it. And also the game runs with 40 FPS. All this is probably related to the engine, that was used – Adventure Game Studios. About the gameplay I can't say much. Typical for adventure games. Find items, solve puzzle. Here instead the mouse, you will use the keyboard. It was kinda strange at first. The thing I liked here is all puzzle have common sense, they don't have any weird soltuions. There isn't a moment that I said “How should I solve it without a guide ”!? There is one exception – the puzzle in the hospital. They are intuitive. The game starts dramatically. Our main character Susan Ashworth, decide to take her own life with bunch of pills. But this is not the end of her. She finds herself into a limbo- like place and after few puzzles, Susan reach wooden house with old lady (Queen of Maggots) sitting on the porch. She gives you second chance and grants you immortality, but in return she wants the souls of 5 “parasytes”. They are really bad people. I'm stoping here with the story, because it's the highlight of the game. Do you know that feeling, when you read a good book and you just can't put it down until you reach the final page, then you realized, that you are breathless? This is how I felt through the whole game. I “devour” greedily every scene, every word. This bizzare and sad world kept me going, I wanted to know more. The story is captivating. But without the great writing, this wouldn't be possible. Main characters are well develop. They have interesting and tragic past. You get to know them by playing through some of their memories or through dialogs. I sometimes sympathize them, other hate them. You see how their decisions to lead them to where there are now. I hope you like conversations. The game involved a lot of talking. Again the great writting helped a lot. In a horror game the sound is maybe the most important. Here it's awesome. Oh, the sweet music. It's phenomenal! Yeah, I say that a lot, but really it is. Every single track fits great in the situation you hear it. They make me nervous, they make me calm, they make me even more invested in this grimm world. Voice acting is almost perfect. The problem is the quality of the recording. It's obvious, especially some characters, that they used regular microphone. The lines are delivered so well, just sometmes this got me out of the immersion. It's not that big deal, because most of the characters sound great. The envoirments are great and the game oozes with atmosphere. Dark, suppressants and depressing, just like The Cat Lady and the main colors here are black, white and gray. The places you visit are really creepy. You will see a lot of disturbing and gory images. To be honest I was expecting more, but I think they were enough. I liked a lot the design of dream-like-places. Dark, surreal and they are like mirror image stuff happening “real” world of the game. “The Parasytes” you have to deal with are frightening and sick human beings. Pure psychopaths. I don't want to talk too much about them, because they are essential part of the story and saying more is a crime. You have to experience the first time meeting with them. Lastly I'll just say, they got what they deserve. Graphics are great. I can't imagine them done in a different way. Not everybody will like them. Different people, different tastes. The characters are like cardboard cutouts, mixed with real photo or pre-render backgrounds. Remind a little of graphic novel. The movement is not great, but this is part of the charm of the game. The main colors are black,white and grey, which is understandable from the leading characters point. At certain places colors will appear to emphasize and strengthen feelings, situations, mood. If you are not into gory games, you may pass the game, but you will miss phenomenal adventure game. There are some brutal scenes, that I wasn't expecting and they shock me. I'm not against gore, but when it's done well, not just for sake of being gory. Here they are fine. The game is not about that. It's about human emotions. This is what gets me. When you are in your lowest point, you have to stand up, climb and see the world is not black, white and gray, there is other colors too. There is alwayse a reason to live and to feel alive Go now and buy it. It's wonderful piece of art. I highly recommend it.


Few games manage to tell such an interesting story successfully. The story proceeds like a good short novel, well written and em...otionally resonates very well with me. To compare, few other games succeeded in doing this for me, like: To the moon and The sea will claim everything. Games like these give me hope that mature and intelligent stories can be succesfully told in video gaming medium. Chapter system means you can play it in daily chunks with some feeling of "completion" i.e. you don't feel you left in the middle of something. But also get curious about what will happen next, like a good series.


I'm probably in the minority, but the game is horrible. I like the fact that the developers tried to make a truly dark and matur...e point and click adventure, but that's all the game has going for it. It's boring, the story is not interesting, the characters are not well developed, and overall the game is vastly overhyped. The voice acting is decent, especially for the main character. The story is predictable and there aren't any surprises to be found. The conversations are way too drawn out, going on for minutes at a time, including during non-essential dialog. Some of it is nice, but the characters babble so much that the game starts getting boring. I had a very hard time getting hooked on this game and I couldn't wait for it to end. I wanted to play it through to see the ending and to see why people love this game so much, but it was torture.
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