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The Cat Lady

The Cat Lady


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The Cat Lady is a highly engrossing adventure game by author R. Michalski. 

Susan Ashworth lives alone and responds only to her cats. Lost and withered, she decides to end her life. But this is just the beginning of her surreal journey that will take her beyond her own problems and face to face with all the ones she has tried to get away from.

Critically acclaimed and winner of Best Story by Adventure Gamers in 2012, The Cat Lady delivers non-stop punches, twists, turns and critical thinking as you end up enveloped in Susan's nightmarish world.

It's an experience you won't easily forget!

Key Features

  • Gritty, urban horror with a shocking yet sentimental storyline
  • Simple controls for a smooth adventure
  • Over 70 minutes of original music
  • Sounds, voices and dramatic sequences will draw you in further

System Requirements


Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Hard Disk: 1.5GB HDD Space
Video: DirectX 9.0

User Reviews

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The Cat Lady is a very dark and original adventure. It has a depressing atmosphere and the voice acting is really good. The grap...hics are sometimes a bit rough but that doesn't make the game less fun to play IMO. If you're looking for a dark creepy adventure you should try The Cat Lady. Recommended.


I'll try to be vague as not to spoil anything about the game. The Cat Lady is a game that I had to play through regardless of ho...w I felt about it, mostly because it's theme is something I haven't seen explored in games much. There were parts that made me hate it and other that made me feel it was worth playing. It's a game that falls under the weight of its ambition. It's a click and point game at the core, but the themes and ideas presented have a habit of getting in the way and sometimes feeling out of place. If it was just story or just a game it may have been better, but as it stands it's an interesting game that fails to live up to the potential it shows at times.


The cat lady is horror\mystical pointandclick adventure. The game has a really, really good story, which is almost relateable. T...he themes and things that are discussed in the game are shocking and really dark - still there's plenty of humor. A game rally worth while to play. It's enjoyable and you can't really fail in this game. I was really surprised how long this game is!
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