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Super Trench Attack

Super Trench Attack


Critic Reviews

'Super Trench Attack shows a surprising bravura within the style of game it aims to be. I meant to play for about half-an-hour, but the time flew by, and I didn't check the clock until two hours later.' - IndieStatik

'If I had to point out a major annoyance of the game, it would be its end because I never wanted it to end.' - Rawket Launcher

'Though the game itself is a fictional story, its origins as a commentary on the First World War are neither forgotten nor trivialised.' - PixelJudge 4/5

Game Summary

Super Trench Attack! is the mad goofball shooter set admist the chaos of World War 1. This latest version features tons of new content, levels, and gameplay, and of course more bonkers humor!

Key Features

  • Crazy humor and jokes throughout
  • Intense twin-stick shooter gameplay
  • Hogan's alley style shooting segments
  • Unique headshot/footshot targetting system
  • 4 Massive open areas to explore
  • 16 varied missions
  • Buddy AI to help you out
  • Fully upgradeable weapons
  • Level-up yourself and your buddy AI
  • Goofball bonkers humor

System Requirements


Operating System: Windows
Processor: 1GHz CPU
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Hard Disk: 168MB HD Space

User Reviews

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This is a very good isometric World War shooter. The controls as a result can take a bit of getting used to like all games that ...use this type of camera system. They don't feel precise all the time either because your character sometimes feels like he is skating on ice. Not surprisingly, the humor in this game is not funny, so I don't know why they advertise it is as such. Visually, the game is nice and the soundtrack is also enjoyable. The gameplay is great if you like these types of games. Sure it's nowhere near as good as Metal Slug, but this game has its moments. The story is basic and nothing special. Also, unless you really love the game, there's not much reason to play it again, and it isn't very long to begin with. It's worth it on sale, but not at full price.


Super Trench Attack is isometric shooter similar to Alien Shooter, but in the First World War, i think. The two fighting faction...s are the Black and the Green army. You are the new recruit for the good guys – the Green army. Immediately after your arrival you've been given the most important tasks. So the story is stop the bad guys. I hope you like cheesy humor, 'cause the game is full of it. From the soldier stuck on the top of the pilon to the most awesome climbing down on ladders (and some stairs), there is no way to not smile at least once. You meet also really colorful characters with funny lines. Even if you die or a level is loading there is a lot to see. You won't find much video options in the game, but that's not a big deal, because the graphic style used here is pixel art. You can choose fullscreen, window, blur, 16 or 32 bits of color and resolution. But before choosing resolution, you have to pick the type of your monitor. This is awesome, that way the picture will fit on your monitor and it won't change the quality or see black bars. But when you go to the controls, you'll find my biggest problem with the game. There are two layouts and you can't change them. Some buttons are not shown in the options, but in the tutorial are. That's weird. For example, with Q you trow mines and decoys. And it would be nice to use the right mouse button for grenades not E. Oh, well it's not game breaking. The other minor annoying thing is the movement. What i mean is when you release the buttons, you don't stop immediately, the character have momentum. This is specially annoying on one particular level (thank god it's only one), where you have to dodge fire and your life is drain fast there. In the sound options you can find two separate sliders for music and effects. The music is nice, fits really well with the war theme of the game. The guns, the explosions and the other effects are also good. But at one point the sound of dieing enemies will probably get on your nerves. For everyone familiar with this type of games will immediately pick it up and play it. What i like here is, right from the start you can go almost everywhere, even if you are in the middle of a mission. For example, one of your first tasks is the eliminate Black army presence in a bunker, which is shown on your map. But there is another not shown. And if you kill everyone, there will be Green army soldiers that will take care of respawning enemies. Other interesting thing in the gameplay is footshooting. It won't make much damage, but it's funny to see enemy jumping on one leg. In one of your mission you save a soldier and he become your partner. His AI is okay. When the enemy is in his range, he can take care of few soldiers. But sometime he is lost or stuck somewhere. If he die he will respawn in the camp. And like you, he also is gaining levels. Like most games these days, here you have lite rpg system. After gaining a level, you have 5 point to distribute in 4 categories – pistols, rifles, health and grenades. In Green army camp there are few tents. The you can do various thing, like buying new guns, medals with some bonuses, medkits and so on. My favorite items are mines and decoys. The money for them are acquire after killing enemies and completing missions. But be careful what you are buying, you have limited space and as much as like to buy more mine you i couldn't. There is one more tent. But it is evil, really evil. You play black jack. Don't go there you will lose a lot of money. Be on a look out for tunnels cover with planks. After destroying them it's shown on your map and you can fast travel to that location. Enemies variety is enough, but i'm little disappointed from the bosses, some of them are on rails, like House of the Dead, Time Crisis and so on. But it all depends of your taste for game like this. Most of the time I died on their levels. From time to time you will find items such as piggy bank, plate and others, with no values. They are for the completionists out there and you can see them in your tent. Also there you can see all your stats – how many times you died, how time you spend in the game and so on. In conclusion i will say it definitely worth the purchase. The package is full of content and it's surprisingly long. I definitely recommended.
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