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SpellForce Platinum


Game Summary


THE ORDER OF DAWN: In their immeasurable greed and constant thirst for power, the thirteen most powerful Mages of all time doomed the land, hurling it into an endless spiral of chaos and despair. Now, only a few years after the end of the Convocation, evil is back - stronger and more powerful than ever before - to finish what was started. 

SHADOW OF THE PHOENIX: Using the power of an enslaved god, an evil necromancer resurrects the circle’s Mages to serve his unholy plans. Only the force of the phoenix’s stone can stop the circle’s return. It's up to the rune warrior to defeat his former masters for good. 

BREATH OF WINTER: A Prince of Darkness, a Fial Darg, was set free through the Convocation and took over the reign over the Fire Empire. His wish is to bring the Renegades, the Gods of darkness, back to Eo. 

Key Features

  • Innovative game design: The unique mixture of RTS and RPG elements offers a brand new game experience.
  • High degree of identification with the hero-avatar, whose skills and strengths can be improved by the player.
  • Click'n'Fight: This revolutionary control system guarantees instant action, the best possible overview and completely new tactical possibilities in battle.
  • 6 races - Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Dark Elves, Orcs and Trolls - that can be used simultaneously (!) to build settlements and fight battles and more than 30 different enemy races, from cowardly goblins to powerful demons, Fire Angels, Werewolfs and giant Ice Dragons.
  • A multitude of spells, divided into different categories of magic (white, black, elemental, etc.) and enchanted items
  • Awe-inspiring 3D-graphics with zoom levels from isometric to 1st-Person-views 

System Requirements


Operating System: Win XP+/ME/2000/
Processor: Pentium 4 1.8 GHz
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Hard Disk: 4 GB HD Space
Video: 64MB DirectX compatible Video Card

User Reviews

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Playing Spellforce Platinum Edition reminded me of the old days when I used to play Warcraft 3, Age of Mithology and all those m...ajor RTS. I know the similarity is not much but the outdated graphics, which might put some people off, really reminded me of the old days when we had tons of great RTS with amazing single player campaigns and engaging gameplay. This game was really nostalgic for me because it reminded me of the great old days of RTS, none the less, it is a great game by it's own, even though it might look unapealling right now it still provides you a great single player campaign which it's significantly long. If you're into Real Time Strategy games, specially fantasy themed ones please do pick this one up, it's a good one!
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