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Game Summary

Abstract - Turn-based - Brain-melting! 

Spectra is a fiendishly difficult turn-based puzzler where every move you make has consequence. Carefully balance your energy levels as you negotiate a pulsating neon maze-scape and avoid geometric enemy patterns to get to the exit square. 

The basic concept is simple, each move you make advances the game world by one turn. You are either getting more powerful by moving onto the grey squares or loosing power. Gain 5 energy and you will raise a color level. Raising a color level enables you to enter locked squares and overcome enemies that have an equal or lower color level than you.

Key Features

  • A hypnotic original progressive house/trance soundtrack by STERNOISE
  • 50 levels of devious design, guaranteed to tie you in knots
  • Visuals that dynamically move and respond to the music for an audio-synaptic overload!
  • 5 worlds to master, each with their own unique mechanics and themes to keep game-play fresh

System Requirements

The game will run on practically any reasonably modern laptop or desktop that has 3d acceleration. This excludes some low power netbooks and ancient dinosaurs. A minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 is required to play (higher recommended).

User Reviews

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A challenging game based on puzzles, it will give you a good time solving it.


Spectra is a movement based puzzle game. The objective is simple, you move around a fully visible map until you position yourse...lf in an "exit box". However in the map there is also enemies and gates, for you to be able to pass a color gate, you should be of the same color as the gate or an above color. How do you change colors? by consuming enough "food" boxes in a row, but be careful, each time you move you lose 1 box of food if the square you moved to is empty. Same applies to enemies moving around the map, if you color is of a lover level than the color of the enemy and you touch it, that is game over. Its a fair challenge for people that enjoy brain puzzles and want to add a different style.
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