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Critic Reviews

"It’s frequently punishingly difficult, and demands a level of perseverance that some may find off-putting – but the meticulous, crystalline integrity of SpaceChem’s design invites its players to excel, and intrinsic rewards for doing so are tremendous." - Edge

"Then you can move on to the next challenge. Or not. That's a central tension throughout SpaceChem; the drive to proceed into new stages competes with the allure of revisiting past levels to tinker. SpaceChem stokes the latter temptation by presenting an efficiency report at the end of a level. This pernicious document grades your solution by metrics, like the time it took your machine to process the materials and how many instructions you had to place in the waldos' code to do it." - Eurogamer

"This is an incredible game, and it absolutely has a place in the PC’s growing catalogue of glorious indie puzzlers. Alongside the shimmering, yet evasive brilliance of Braid, or the charming wit of World of Goo, we now have a straight-up genius. There’s no other word for it- like all geniuses, it can be demanding and even problematic, but there’s no questioning what Zachtronics has achieved here. This is top-of-the-line entertainment. If you’re a puzzle game fan, buy SpaceChem immediately." - Rock, Paper, Shotgun 

Game Summary

SpaceChem is an obscenely addictive, design-based puzzle game about building machines and fighting monsters in the name of science!

Take on the role of a Reactor Engineer working for SpaceChem, the leading chemical synthesizer for frontier colonies. Construct elaborate factories to transform raw materials into valuable chemical products! Streamline your designs to meet production quotas and survive encounters with the sinister threats that plague SpaceChem.

Key Features

  • Over fifty mind-bending puzzles!
  • An original soundtrack by Evan Le Ny, whose music was featured in The Codex of Alchemical Engineering!
  • Twenty challenging achievements!

System Requirements


Operating System: Windows XP SP3 / Vista / 7 / 8
Processor: 2.0 GHz Processor
Memory: 1GB RAM
Hard Disk: 300MB
Video: Frame buffer support recommended

Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5+


Operating System: Ubuntu 10.04+

User Reviews

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Space-chem is the kind of mind-bending puzzle game where you might try solutions for hours trying to make a reaction work, and t...hen you'll get a "eureka" moment for adjustment you need to complete solution. Some might call this frustrating, but to me it was highly engaging for most of the levels I played. But make no bones about it - this is a game that requires your thinking cap. The mechanics involve series of control mechanisms that you can utilize to control a reaction - and you have to fit them all together in the proper sequence, timing, and within the proper spatial constraints within the reactor (which can get crowded dodging everything).


Sure, the Chemistry is a little off, but the game does not try to give the impression that it's a educational work by The Company. One gimmick about this game that might not work for everyone is its integration with Youtube. Upon completing a level, one can upload the solution to Youtube. Those gamers who don't have an always online connection might not find this as convenient, and it happens every single time one completes a level. Otherwise, it's entertaining, and you might learn a chemical formula or two!


Unrealistic Chemistry and Strategy\Puzzle in same bottle. This game maybe nice puzzler for most fans, but setting it use is wron...g in most cases. I mean, chemistry dont work in why its used in game. So dont treat it as education game.
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