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Raptor : Call of the Shadows 2010

Raptor : Call of the Shadows 2010


Game Summary

Raptor : Call of the Shadows 2010 Edition is one of the best 2D shoot 'em up ever! 

You'll have to face lots of various enemies on ground, air and sea during interplanetary mission flying the super-tech Raptor. 

Enjoy the pulse-pounding sound track and the enhanced graphics of this 2010 edition. 

After each level, go to the supply room to repair you ship or buy new weapons and shields. Do advised choice, some weapons are only effective on ground or air targets, while some are effective on both. Don't waste you money, the best weapons are really expensive!

Key Features

  • With 3 worlds and 9 distinctive steps in each, you'll experience 27 levels 
  • Try to collect credits to be able to buy weapons for your future protection
  • With the saving feature you will be able to save your game between each level and avoid the "do it all over again!"
  • Nice graphics which bring you to the full experience of this shoot'em up

System Requirements


Operating System: Windows
Processor: 1.4 GHz
Memory: 512 MB

User Reviews

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Although one can purchase weapons and upgrades, this user found Tyrian 2000 to be a more entertaining experience. Although ther...e is variety in enemies and weapons, Raptor gets a tad repetitive at times with how the enemies attack and levels do not seem to differ as greatly. Still, Raptor offers a fun shoot 'em up experience. There are plenty of foes for you to blow up, and lots of weapons to use.


Easily one of the best Shmup's of all time. Especially if you're not fond of the "Bullet Hell" shooters that end up playing more... like a puzzle than an action title. Make no mistake - this game is about blowing **** up and it does it very well.


I really enjoyed Raptor: Call of the Shadows, its simple game mechanics and large variety of weapons and enemies gives it a grea...t deal of replay value. Despite being linear (and occasionally repetitive), it nevertheless draws you in by showing you the next set of upgrades that you need to save up for along with the prospect of more challenging enemies. I particularly enjoyed the challenge posed by its highest difficulty level; it basically lets you play again as if it’s a whole new game (simply because you have to play so much more carefully). It also makes a nice change from other games of its era by not simply giving you upgrades as drops from enemies (as similar titles such as Tyrian did) but instead shows you everything you could purchase, and then makes you earn what weapons and upgrades you think suit you best (almost turning it into an RPG). The boss fights are fun, but perhaps lack as much variety as the rest of the game, but considering the fact that it has about 27 levels this is understandable. A must have for fans of the genre. However readers should note that I spent hundreds of hours playing this game as a child, so my review may be somewhat biased due to nostalgia.
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