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Quick Slick Deadly

Quick Slick Deadly


Game Summary

Fly through space and overcome a variety of enemies and obstacles as one of three completely
different classes.

As the Fighter, fire a weapon that is very weak at start, but covers an increasingly larger area
if you keep on destroying enemies. Additionally, you can copy the attacks of your enemies by
destroying three of a kind in a row.

As the Survivor, gain energy by daring to get close to enemy attacks. Use this energy to either
block attacks or wait for maximum energy to perform a screen-filling attack. If you manage to
reach a high speed, your ship enters ghost-mode and becomes invincible.

Finally, as the Trickster, perform various risky maneuvers to unleash powerful attacks. Wield
a boomerang that is deadly to your enemies, but takes away your control over your ship. Use
energy to drag a box that inflicts great damage and returns enemy attack damage back at the
enemy. Destroy your foes by simply crashing into them while having enough speed.

Learn to master Quick Slick Deadly through step-by-step missions and then show off the hardcore
gamer within you with your perfected high-scores and excellent completion times. Are
you ready to face a challenge?

For more information, check out the in depth guide.

Key Features

  • Play as three completely different classes: Fighter; Survivor; and Trickster.
  • Probably the only scrolling shooter where the scrolling speed of the screen is not fixed, but can be manipulated by the player, adding the possibility to do time trials besides the usual score hunting.
  • While mostly side-scrolling, the view occasionally switches to top-view to enable more interesting gameplay situations.
  • It’s not all about shooting, but also about maneuvering. The various environmental hazards underline this feature, which are not only deadly to you, but also to your enemies.

System Requirements


Operating System: 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10 operating system
Processor: 200 MHz
Memory: 32 MB RAM (256 MB for XP or higher)
Other: Must support 1280 x 720 resolution

User Reviews

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Please don't let this game slide under your radar, simply because the graphics may not catch your attention! Considering this has been made by only 2 people whereby 1 of them did most of the graphics and the other 1 did everything else, I've been pretty impressed by it! This game is absolutely not your typical SHMUP! The 3 different classes play WIDELY different and the focus is definitely not entirely on blowing things up. Blowing things up is part of it, but there's a lot more you have to pay attention to to get good at this game. There are some interesting environmental hazards that not only add more character to the level design, but at some points, you can actually use them to your advantage to destroy your enemies. Then there are the boost rings, which fill up your boost meter and enable you to increase the scrolling speed of the camera. I've never seen such a mechanic in another SHMUP before and it adds so much depth! You can either focus entirely on speedrunning, or you could go for a high score. Although your time does influence your score, going just for speed requires a very different approach than going for points. It's very impressive that even though there aren't many levels, the game is highly versatile, because of all the different methods you could play a mission. Additionally, the score system is very deep and some aspects of it differ between the 3 playable classes, which adds even more character to each of them. The way QSD handles difficulty is also worth mentioning. Overall, this game is not easy and this may put off some people. However, there are a few things that might help them have a not as much rough time. First of all, there is no lives-system. If you die, you simply return to the game right where you lost and the game continues normally. You do lose score points, which may prevent you from reaching the mission goal, which is always about reaching a specific score (except in the tutorials); but nevertheless, you get to continue until the end of the mission and thus see a bit more of it, instead of getting kicked out of the level every time you die. Second, you can pause and unpause the game by pressing literally ANY key other than the ones already assigned to an action. This makes pausing extremely easy, which can help you to "breathe" whenever you need to. Pressing ESC while the game is paused takes you right back to the mission selection screen, so you can quickly restart a mission if you so desire. Lastly, the score requirements for finishing each mission are high enough to be some challenge, but not punishing by any means. You get ranked for your score and you accomplish a mission by getting at least rank C (except for the final mission where you must get rank B). I've never managed to get rank A, which seems to be extremely difficult, but rank C can easily be received with a little practice and rank B is also achievable. Having said all this, I must also give you some warnings. QSD is full of game mechanics and the mechanics are explained via some not too long texts at the beginning of each mission. Reading these texts carefully is absolutely essential! If you don't pay attention to these texts, you won't learn the game and easily get frustrated! It kind of reminds me of learning a board game, but the amount of text you have to read is really not much. But again, it's very, very important! If you have difficulties with a mission, make sure to check out the texts at earlier missions, in case you may have overlooked a key mechanic that can help you progress. An example is that the game clearly states that your time influences your score. A friend of mine once complained about the game being too hard, because reaching rank C would already require almost perfect play. What he was doing wrong was he never used the boosting ability, forgetting that a better completion time would boost his score, so he could allow himself some mistakes on the way. This was already explained via the text of an earlier mission, but he didn't remember. Finally, you must be aware that the tutorial missions must be completed before you can get to the score-based missions. These tutorial missions each require a different goal to complete and a few of them are a bit tricky. Such a thing may confuse some players and there's no denying this game isn't perfect; but at the end of the day, there's a lot to this game that's not apparent at first glance and it has no doubt left me impressed. QSD is by all means a fun, addicting, and absolutely unique game, if you're willing to pay attention! Oh, and it's really cheap too!


i love it its really good and just super fun such a good game
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