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Quick Slick Deadly

Quick Slick Deadly


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Game Summary

Fly through space and overcome a variety of enemies and obstacles as one of three completely
different classes.

As the Fighter, fire a weapon that is very weak at start, but covers an increasingly larger area
if you keep on destroying enemies. Additionally, you can copy the attacks of your enemies by
destroying three of a kind in a row.

As the Survivor, gain energy by daring to get close to enemy attacks. Use this energy to either
block attacks or wait for maximum energy to perform a screen-filling attack. If you manage to
reach a high speed, your ship enters ghost-mode and becomes invincible.

Finally, as the Trickster, perform various risky maneuvers to unleash powerful attacks. Wield
a boomerang that is deadly to your enemies, but takes away your control over your ship. Use
energy to drag a box that inflicts great damage and returns enemy attack damage back at the
enemy. Destroy your foes by simply crashing into them while having enough speed.

Learn to master Quick Slick Deadly through step-by-step missions and then show off the hardcore
gamer within you with your perfected high-scores and excellent completion times. Are
you ready to face a challenge?

For more information, check out the in depth guide.

Key Features

  • Play as three completely different classes: Fighter; Survivor; and Trickster.
  • Probably the only scrolling shooter where the scrolling speed of the screen is not fixed, but can be manipulated by the player, adding the possibility to do time trials besides the usual score hunting.
  • While mostly side-scrolling, the view occasionally switches to top-view to enable more interesting gameplay situations.
  • It’s not all about shooting, but also about maneuvering. The various environmental hazards underline this feature, which are not only deadly to you, but also to your enemies.

System Requirements


Operating System: 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 or 8 operating system
Processor: 200 MHz
Memory: 32 MB RAM (256 MB for XP or higher)
Other: Windows Media Player must be installed on your computer, must support 1280 x 720 resolution

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i love it its really good and just super fun such a good game
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