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Ostrich Island

Ostrich Island


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Critic Reviews

“Peaking Out Of The Sand ‘Ostrich Island’ Shows A Beautifully Crafted World To Explore” Alex Wilkinson, Indie Game Magazine

“Seriously, in love with this game is what I am – in love!” 
Chris Priestman, Indie Statik

“...the whole game is presented in an aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye and actually makes you want to stay on the island at times, instead of escaping.” 
Martin Baker, GodIsAGeek

Game Summary

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Volcano erupts! All archipelago residents have been evacuated, but one ostrich had his head in the sand. Can you help him escape and rejoin his family? Ostrich Island is the unique mix between an adventure, platformer and RPG. Explore beautiful islands, search for collectibles, level up and gain new abilities. Play with your friend in multiplayer mode! 

Key Features

  • Different types of levels: sunny tropical paradise, storm madness, underground tunnels, underwater craziness and even procedural generated in-the-air platformer!
  • At the end of each level you gain experience points and upgrade Ostrich with new skills and abilities.
  • Multiplayer. Play with your friend, helping her or him discover hidden treasures, skins, hats and statuettes, or just kick your buddy to steal some points.
  • Custom skins support. Tired of existing skins? Add your own!
  • Lots of collectibles and hidden bonuses, ones discovered they can be closely examined in the Nest or used for your Ostrich customization.
  • Two difficulty levels: "Relaxing", where you can slowly investigate the islands, searching for collectibles with nothing to worry about, and "Escape", where constantly rising water level adds some stress but increases score multipliers in return.
  • Global leader board and country scoreboard across all platforms.
  • Your score and game progress are saved in the cloud. You can easily start playing on your Windows machine at home and continue on a Mac/Linux computer at your friends place.

System Requirements


Operating System: Windows XP SP2 or higher
Processor: 2.0 GHz
Memory: 1 GB (2 GB recommended)
Video: DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card

User Reviews

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Wow. This is surprisingly a good game. Much better than Goat Simulator in every possible way. You get to play as an ostrich and around various levels, including islands and caves, as you seek to collect eggs, food, and other collectibles in your quest to survive. You can even put your head in the ground at will. The graphics are quite colorful and definitely above average considering this is a very low budget title. There are lots of hats and skins to collect so you can customize your ostrich in various ways. The controls are tight and I haven't run into any glitches, but the game does seem to have a problem with full screen. In a window, it plays fine, but for some reason, full screen exits after a level automatically, and the window gets up in the top left of the screen, so you have to Alt-F4 out of the game and re-enter to fix it. Great game for kids. There doesn't seem to be a story at all. There are 2 difficulties, one has no timer, the other has rising water so you have to rush to not drown. Some of the secrets are well hidden, so don't expect to 100% this game in one go. Haven't tried the multiplayer, but single player is more than worth the price of admission.
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