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On The Shoulders of Ancestors

On The Shoulders of Ancestors


Critic Reviews

“On The Shoulders Of Ancestors is a genuinely fun platformer that offers a very unique set of
gameplay mechanics to the genre.”, score: 3.5 / 5

“It has a good sense of humour and is a clever simple idea. I enjoyed it”
slushy_tv, score: 9 / 10

Game Summary

A sci-fi themed platformer with a cycle of life as a core game mechanic. 

As a young scientist, it’s your job to train Lemonites - a genetically engineered race of creatures with a unique life cycle. When trained, they are to be launched aboard the interstellar probe towards an unknown habitable planet...

Aim upwards to reach the exit and progress to the next level. And if you can't get any higher, just leave it to your successors - your dead carcass will serve as a stepping stone to get to the upper platforms.

Key Features

  • 23 levels in 3 chapters
  • Unique life cycle and corpse-stacking mechanics
  • Retro-styled pixel graphics
  • Compelling storyline
  • You succeed, you get a cake - no lies!

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