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Game Summary

NYX - An unlikely hero is born in Ancient Greece…
… Or, the true story of Icarus.

NYXQUEST: KINDRED SPIRITS tells the lovely story about a little winged girl, living in her palace high above the skies. Her friend Icarus – a mortal with wings made of wax and feathers- went missing, after the Titans had sent a giant wave of fire over the entire world. He tried to avoid the deadly fire-wall and flew higher as ever before. In this struggle for survival he forgot the wise words of his father, telling him to stay away from the heat of the sun. Caught between the sun and the destruction below, his melting wings no longer kept him in the air and he shut down to earth. Now Icarus is lying somewhere in the mountains of the Olymp helpless and alone!

Nyx missing her one and only friend starts her search for him and steps down into the world of the mortals. Here in this ruined place she faces dangers never seen before. Burning Sands and dusty rocks build a dangerous and deadly environment. But not only that! Ancient creatures of the past have made their way out of Hades. Hordes of Harpies are flying through the air and beneath the dry sands even more dangerous creatures wait for careless victims. 

The gods of the Olymp have not forgotten little Nyx. Because they admire courage and friendship they decided to help the little girl along her perilous way. During her adventures Nyx will learn to use some of the divine powers. Moving Rocks, catching fire-bolts or even control the wind, if the gods are on your side the world is yours. Fighting against the dark creatures and using the powers of the gods Nyx will find her way to the fallen Icarus. 

Dangers never seen before lie ahead of her, are you the one to help? Can you face the threads of a world long-forgotten and find Icarus?

A fantastic gameplay constructed around Nyx gives the player always new challenges and logical puzzles. Real physics and beautiful graphics lift the gameplay into a new level of “Jump´n Fly” Games. With each new puzzle comes a new way to solve it. Every power Nyx will be granted offers new ways through the beautiful constructed levels. Grab a rock and ride on it through the burning sands, catch fire-bolts and throw them back on your enemies or even let the winds help you on your way up the mountains. The player always needs to learn how to use the granted powers effectively to make his way forward. Every new level waits with new puzzles, new dangers and new challenges. In an incomparable way the game develops along with the player and the story.

Key Features

  • 12 fascinating levels filled with riddles
  • A new perspective into the classic Greek Myth
  • Innovative Gameplay: Manipulate your world using the powers of the gods
  • Find 20 hidden relics to open the way to Arcadia – a hidden bonus-level that will test all your mettle like nothing before
  • Awe-inspiring visuals featuring effects like Bloom, Depth of Field and Heat Distortion
  • Atmospheric Soundtrack by Film-composer Steven Gutheinz
  • Physics-based puzzles

System Requirements


Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: 2.0 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
Hard Disk: 500 MB
Video: 512 MB w/ Shader 2.0 support


Operating System: Snow Leopard
Processor: 2.0 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
Hard Disk: 500 MB
Video: 512 MB w/ Shader 2.0 support

User Reviews

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A fun, challenging romp through ancient Greece. A lot of puzzles and platforming, especially dodging obstacles. Great visuals. T...he story is okay and has a nice plot twist. Not as much combat as I would have liked, but the boss fights are good and challenging.


Great Trine-like platformer\puzzler with Ancient Greek's flavor. In this game player acts as winged character with limited abili...ty to fly and fight enemies. Most puzzles is oriented to avoiding hazards, often with telekinetic powers. Unlike Trine there is much less actual fights (some bosses still must be destroyed) and much more puzzles. Great albeit unostentatious soundtrack adds even more atmosphere in Nyx Quest. Very recommended to peoples like Trine and Vessel.
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