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Mosby's Confederacy


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"If my love of this game wasn't clear before, it should be now. I like Mosby's Confederacy. The AI is practically brain dead, with units having limited radii of awareness. The principle challenge is in drawing out or ambushing smaller numbers of what is otherwise an overwhelming force in order to whittle down the AI in manageable chunks. To me, this is good old fashioned fun, as it involves a degree of risk and uncertainty. Stirring up too big of a hornet's nest will find the player out numbered, out gunned, and out of luck. But for those who enjoy a slow, stealthy tactical game, combined with a simple but enjoyable strategic game, Mosby's Confederacy is great fun." - Scott Parrino

Game Summary

As John Singleton Mosby, one of the Civil War's most interesting and dynamic leaders, you are charged not with leading vast armies into battle, but with commanding small bands of skirmishers, scouts and guerilla fighters on opportunistic missions to scout, ambush, steal supplies and harass a larger and better armed force of Union soldiers, in this game of turn based strategy and real time tactical combat for the PC. 

Missions and their objectives are randomized, so you'll need to approach each game differently, carefully planning your strategy for success. You draw your soldiers from local towns, then through hard won battlefield experience transform them into fighting men – scouts, cavalry, rangers and riflemen. Between battles you'll invest in local towns, so they can serve as field hospitals, stables and munitions caches, helping to keep your forces fit and able to fight, and remain confident and supportive of your ongoing efforts, by willingly supplying men to fight for your cause - and as the war rages on this becomes increasingly challenging. 

Throughout the campaign your progress is tracked, with a full report of your accomplishments provided at its completion. Can you build a name for yourself, just like Mosby? 

Key Features

Turn-based Confederacy Level with unit and resource management
  • Units live in towns that you can influence to support your goals
  • Availability of units for specific missions is dependent on their town's support for you
  • Your interactions with towns, as well as casualties you send home to them, changes the face of the region

Real-time tactical combat missions
  • Enemy unit concentrations and mission objectives are randomized for replayability
  • Focus on reconnaissance and stealth tactics
  • Units under your command vary in terms of base stats as well as "attributes" they earn as they level
  • You choose who to take into combat and within a given mission you must work with those units to complete the mission (there are no unit spawning buildings that give you replacements in battle)

Randomized units that gain specializations over time with experience
  • Emphasis on each unit as a real soldier rather than traditional RTS expendable, nameless units
  • Each campaign starts with a small group of veteran units mixed in with raw recruits whose homes are chosen at random
  • Though most of the units come into the world as raw recruits, your ability as a leader to cultivate them into effective Rangers, Riflemen, Cavalrymen and Scouts (each of which has his own strengths and weaknesses) will be key to your success

System Requirements


Operating System: Windows XP or Vista or 7
Processor: 1.8 GHz processor or higher
Memory: 512 MB RAM Windows XP (1 GB for Windows Vista)
Hard Disk: 350 MB free hard drive space
Video: 64 MB DirectX 8.1 compatible card

User Reviews

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This game could definitely use a tutorial. It also needs some tweaking on newer (even Windows 7) systems in order to work. But... it's an entertaining historical RTS with quite a bit of pre-battle managing and use of cover/terrain (perhaps not as obviously as Company of Heroes). And besides, why wouldn't you want to play as another villainous faction painted in a neutral light? The Union Be Damned, Mosby's Boys will Prevail!


This is a nice strategy game which will get you to play during the American Civil War game based on the life of Mosby's Raiders,... it has a deep game system, which will keep you busy for hours, from troops to towns management, with they're own ways, if you enjoy this kind of game you shouldn't miss out.
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