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Critic Reviews

"Trust me; if you think the trailer looks fun, then you will find Metagolf a blast to play, especially if you can arrange some local multiplayer." Chris Priestman, Indiestatik

"I was originally struck by the concept of Metagolf." John Polson,

"Probably the Only Game of Golf I'll Ever Play !" Geoff Gibson, DIY Gamer

Game Summary

Metagolf is a variant of Mini-Golf from 1 to 4 Players.

The goal is to travel courses full of traps and puzzles with a strange golf ball able to take the color of your team. You can push 7 different types of golf ball without penalities since only counts the number of shooting.

Key Features

  • Real Physics
  • Puzzles, Traps, Obstacles & Mazes
  • Real time gameplay – No turn-based or boring rules
  • A 18 holes championship and 12 arenas courses
  • 22 quality soundtracks
  • 7 types of Golf ball – Normal, Bouncy, Sticky, Death, Cubic, Rugby, Hedgehog
  • Level Editor – Allow you to customize graphics, sounds, physics and share everything
  • Interactive environment – Destructible scenery, water, falling platforms, gravity fields, teleporter, wind, conveyor-belt, creatures,…
  • Replay-value – Many combinations of settings available for each level
  • Support xBox 360 controllers, joypad, analogic joystick, mouse & keyboard

System Requirements


Operating System: PC / Mac OS / Linux
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 100 MB
Video: Any OpenGL Compatible graphic card
Other: PulseAudio Drivers (only for Linux)

User Reviews

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This is a surprisingly decent game. I didn't expect much going in since it was only a buck, but the platforming aspect is very w...ell done. This side-scrolling game successfully fuses golf with platforming in a fun and challenging way. There's an infinite amount of replayability because it comes with a level editor. The game is fun alone, but is much more frantic and exciting when you play with friends. The controls are very good. The graphics are okay, nothing great, but that was expected because most games with level editors tend to have lower quality graphics anyway. I didn't run into any glitches or crashes while playing. If you like golf, this is a unique game that should be of interest to you, especially if you like mini golf and arcade action. The only real flaw with this game is that it has no online multiplayer support.


On its own, the platforming element of MetaGolf would make a good game. The same is true for the sidescrolling Golf gameplay, wh...ich on its own, would make a decent game. The amalgamation of the two works terrifically, and as a result, this game is actually a really fresh offering, and shows a lot of polish even though it's still in development (I think?). It's not for everyone, and could use some more expansion on the concept, but for the price, you can't really ask for more.
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