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Critic Reviews

Super Game Droid:
“While this genre is fairly overcrowded on the mobile market Meatballphobia brings us a game that has a much deeper meaning than you’d expect from this style of game.” “In inclusion to the gameplay the developers have crafted a unique retro feel that is portrayed via its well done 8-bit graphics and its excellent chiptune soundtrack.” “If you’re a fan of physics puzzlers or just want to see a truly unique game that deals with controversial issues you can’t afford to pass up Meatballphobia.”

Game Summary

Meatballphobia is a 2D physics puzzle game about flesh and meat, about the enslavement of both the consumed and the consumer, about life and the systems built around it. It is also a game about making a meatball hit an unfortunate hysterical head.

Featuring 50 brain-teasing levels of increasing difficulty, Meatballphobia focuses on relaxed problem solving instead of competition — so there are no locked levels, no highscores, no timer. Can’t figure out how to solve a level? No problem! Just go ahead, pick another stage, and go back when you want to give it another try.

Moreover, even though Meatballphobia plays like a modern game, its graphics and music are reminiscent of the 8-bit era: the CGA palette, the pixelated sprites, the engaging chiptune soundtrack — it’s all carefully crafted to take you back in time.

Key Features

  • Carefully crafted 8-bit graphics
  • Engaging chiptune soundtrack
  • 50 open levels with mind-bending physics puzzles

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