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Kingdom Elemental


Critic Reviews

"Kingdom Elemental is an awesome strategy game. The tutorial is very well done and will make it easy for casual gamers to get in the game." - Game du Jour

"Somewhere between tactical and real time strategy there exists a perfect blend. Kingdom Elemental may very well be it." - Game Tunnel

"This is one of those games where you feel like the developer actually put effort into the game not just to make a profit, but to make a quality product that can be enjoyed by all. With its undeniably excellent gameplay, and easy pick up and play feel; Kingdom Elemental is a must have for any fan of the genre." - Strategy Informer

"....playing through all the levels becomes a quest of undeniable desire that was satisfying through the very last battle." - Game Tunnel

"I bought this game without playing the demo. I almost never do that. But it's from Chronic Logic....who I trust to show me a good time....I don't regret that purchase for a second. This is a fun game." - Jesse, Third Party Ninjas

"Best tutorial ever." - Seth Robinson, Robinson Technologies         

Game Summary

KE:Tactics takes core game play elements from real-time strategy, tactics, and role-playing games and combines them into a game that is painfully easy to pick up and play without committing your entire life, unless you have no which case you may not find Kingdom Elemental to be an adequate substitute. 

Kingdom Elemental features nigh unlimited number of possible tactics by pitting combinations of your upgradeable heroes and their unique abilities against hordes of unique enemies like GIANT RAT MOBS! Everyone loves giant rat mobs with their secret furry pockets full of gold and armor! Seriously no giant rat mobs, but thARR be Pirates! Giant War Pigs! A crypt full of living dead who are just begging to be killed.....again. Knights who no longer say "Ni!", a Flaming DOOM bear who would like nothing more then to BBQ you for lunch, and so much more! In short Kingdom Elemental Tactics is like a whack to the head with a +8 Sword of Awesomeness!    

Key Features

  • Waves of fast-paced action-packed tactical combat!
  • Dazzling spells, characters, and special fx!
  • Easy to learn interface has you fighting battles in minutes!
  • Narrated tutorial teaches you everything you need to know.
  • Addictive unlocking systems will keep you coming back for more!
  • Skirmish mode for unlimited gameplay!
  • Destiny mode with endless waves of enemies, how long you can last!
  • Over twenty built-in challenge levels for even more action!
  • Create your own challenge levels and share them with friends!
  • Download community created challenge levels!
  • Rich vibrant battle fields, full of life and special effects!
  • Ten unique heroes, including: Pirates, Monks, Druids and more!
  • Dozens of unique monsters including: The Dread Knight, the Hook Lord, War Pigs, Warg Riders and many more!
  • One giant flaming bear.

System Requirements


Operating System: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7
Processor: 1 GHz processor
Memory: 256 MB RAM
Video: 64 MB graphics card
Other: DirectX 7.0 or higher

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