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Gothic 3: GOTY Edition

Gothic 3: GOTY Edition


Game Summary

The bestselling RPG of 2006 is back. The "Game of the Year"-Edition includes an updated version of Gothic 3, an insight into the making of Gothic 3 and many other special extras.

Key Features

  • More than 50 different kinds of monsters and animals
  • Huge lively environment which reacts to the player's actions, creating a very intense and realistic atmosphere
  • Countless side quests to choose from
  • Bonus features: Making-Of-Video, poster and first impressions of the  upcoming Gothic 4
  • Incredibly detailed and open world to explore

System Requirements


Operating System: Windows XP+
Processor: Pentium 4 - 3 GHz
Memory: 1.5GB
Hard Disk: 4.5GB
Video: GeForce 6600, equivalent or higher

User Reviews

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Slightly worse than Gothic 2, but still worth playing. This is another excellent open world RPG with dozens of hours worth of qu...ests and exploring. The story is good, if not a bit generic, as are the characters. The controls are tight. Like Gothic 2, there's various factions you can join as you build up your character however you want. The only real downside of this game is that it feels easier than the first 2 Gothic games. That's not necessarily bad, considering the amount of playtime you will get, but it definitely hurts the game a little since there isn't really much of a challenge this time around.


Gothic 3 is, as you might have guessed, the third game in the Gothic series. While it has the Gothic name and has some things in... common with the previous games, it's also quite unlike them. You might describe Gothic 3 as being Gothic 2 fused with The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. It's an open world RPG that allows you to go anywhere you and and allows you to develop your Nameless Hero in any way you see fit. Gothic 3 gives you a large world to explore (consisting of three distinct areas: Myrtana, Nordmar and Varant)and you really can go anywhere you want from the starting point of the game. There are no loading screens to be found once you're in the game itself (for better or for worse) so you can walk one from end of the world to the other without pause. Just as the world is open, the quests are open as well. There are three main factions in the game (Orcs, Rebels, Hashishin)and you can work for any of them, all of them or none of them. Doing quests for a faction will raise your reputation with that faction giving you access to more quests but may make their rival faction dislike you to the point of banning you from their cities. Eventually you will have to choose a side, even if it's just choosing yourself. You can build your character in whatever way you like in Gothic 3, with many perks and skills to choose from. The story in Gothic 3 is passable, but nothing memorable and the new characters are pretty forgettable as well. The dialogue is unintentionally hilarious at times. Graphically Gothic 3 still looks great on it's highest settings. The art direction is fairly generic but the world design mostly makes up for it. The voice acting is decent but not great and occasionally the voice coming from a NPC doesn't seem to fit the character. The music in Gothic is excellent and is one of the highlights. Please note that Gothic 3 is buggier than your average game and you'll want to download the latest community patch to help with those bugs and glitches.


This game is often heralded as the best Gothic game, Gothic 3 is available for $10 in all its moddable glory. And it's a steal. ...You're going to pump hours upon hours into this difficult game, with different playstyles and moralities and other allignments. However, it at least starts off extremely difficult, so it's hard to get into. Install mods to add more quests to give you more opportunities to gear up.
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