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Deadly 30

Deadly 30


Game Summary

Survive 30 nights of horror and zombie menace in Deadly 30! Rescue and recruit companions, upgrade your weaponry and fortify your position during safe daylight. At night defend you bunker and fight off waves of attacking zombies. 12 guns, 11 types of zombies, 25 achievements and thousands of ways to die!

Key Features

  • Elements of tower defense including setting up the defense of your base and upgrading your weaponry meet the action-packed run and gun genre of the golden days of gaming.
  • Featuring a strong exploration element, you are required to leave the safety of your base, to forage for materials to make it through the night.

System Requirements


Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: 2.5 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
Hard Disk: 50 MB
Video: Graphics card w/ DirectX 9.0 support

User Reviews

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Great looking 2D game. It's kind of like tower defense. Set up traps and shoot hordes of zombies as they hone in on you and the ...location you are charged with guarding. Use the loot you collect to purchase new traps and weapons. If you like tower defense games, this is a pretty good one.


The first time I saw a gameplay video of Deadly 30 on Youtube I knew this game was made for me. The game basicly puts you lootin...g for stuff during the day and defending your "base" at night against the hordes of zombies and mutants. As you play and explore you can unlock various characters, each one being very unique and different from the others. By looting stuff you can also find some kind of scrap metal which is used as currency and you can use it to get more guns, sentry turrets and barricades for your base. The game is basicly a gorefest and even though it might get repetitive after a while I still think it lives up to how great it is. The objective of the game is simple, survive each night until rescue arrives, if you can... If you're a fan of just shooting zombies while guarding a location or you're just looking for some fun times this is certainly the game for you!
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