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Deadly 30

Deadly 30


Game Summary

Survive 30 nights of horror and zombie menace in Deadly 30! Rescue and recruit companions, upgrade your weaponry and fortify your position during safe daylight. At night defend you bunker and fight off waves of attacking zombies. 12 guns, 11 types of zombies, 25 achievements and thousands of ways to die!

Key Features

  • Elements of tower defense including setting up the defense of your base and upgrading your weaponry meet the action-packed run and gun genre of the golden days of gaming.
  • Featuring a strong exploration element, you are required to leave the safety of your base, to forage for materials to make it through the night.

System Requirements


Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: 2.5 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
Hard Disk: 50 MB
Video: Graphics card w/ DirectX 9.0 support

User Reviews

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I didn't really like Deadly30, it's an average 2D zombie defence, base building game. However it was insanely laggy when I playe...d it and none of the graphical settings help, that's appalling, my laptop can run Just Cause 2 with no lag and this runs like a potato. It's not the worst game of all time but I do not reccomend.


A great zombie shoot-em up with "base building" (that is, fortification) elements, finding survivors and scraps (resources), and... waves of enemies that get progressively stronger? Sign me up! The game has several comedic or at least entertaining cutscenes that don't feel like a chore. However it may be confusing for a first-time player or exhausting for one to endure so many foes, If one is willing to deal with a difficult game that requires good macromanagement (the survivors you rescue can become computer-controlled allies that usually do help provide decent fire support, but you cannot give them orders unless you control one unit manually) and management of one's defnses, one will experience a great game!


It may have the look and the gameplay of a flash game, but don't be mistaken: Deadly 30 is an absolutely fantastic zombie defenc...e game. While the graphical style isn't anything noteworthy, it's colourful nature add the already tense and spooky atmosphere some humour as sort of a light in the dark. While some of the humour consists of stereotyping and some toilet ones, most of it a genuinely funny. The character design itself, which is cartoonish, makes the light colour and humour fit with each other perfectly. The gameplay is a bit complex, yet perfectly understandable. In the morning, your job is to gather scraps as much as possible before night, and while it is unremarkable and repetitive (just walk through from your base to the end of a map, either on right or left side), it can be tense as you're fighting to gather many scraps while racing back home as fast as you can, as well as occasional zombie ambush. Also, if you're feeling lucky, there might be vehicles or boxes (gives you lots of scraps), as well as a chance to find survivors (if you either don't have one, or as a replacement), so this motivates you to move instead of skipping the night (by clicking on bed). At night, during the defence, you must protect yourself, and the generator, in order to survive a night. It wasn't hard, until as the days progressed, the monster hit harder, and harder until they manage to kill you. Luckily, there are some fun options to defend yourself, or at least helps you. From boxes to walls, to an awesome mega auto turret, which you must keep an eye for it's ammo. While it's infinite, you have to periodically load it, so it isn't a place-and-forget gun. Also, it is not immune to being destroyed, so you have to guard it well by assisting it, as well as loading munitions. Besides those useful objects, there are different upgrades for your characters as well. New upgrades may change their appearances, as well as increasing their strength and defence. This is why scrap gathering is very important. Enemies here have a huge variety. There are the standard zombies, upgraded versions of it, bloated zombies that will blur your view if they vomit or explode on you, etc. These will also affect how you will use your characters. The Russian rifleman has penetrating effects, but slow reload, so it is good to use it for bloaters so that their parts won't cause you blindness and attract zombies as well. The Nazi shotgunner is ideal for scrap gathering, as her shotgun can quickly blast through the zombies to give more time for scrap gathering. As for the American machine gunner, it is your standard shooter: nothing special, though ideal for defence. The thing is, while instant character switching is possible and easy, you can't set them to do anything, such as when you need them to defend a side while you do the other, or kill a specific target. This is a bummer, as it can add more strategy and ease. Also, you must be a good manager as poor management can leave you stuck in a day forever, as the game saves your progress each end of the night, like it or not. While the shooting mechanic is straightforward, it gets repetitive, as all it matters is a strong gun, and no matter where you shoot, you only damage the enemy: no instant kills on headshot, no limb crippling, nothing advanced as that (though shooting a zombie head will double the damage, and leaves a dead, headless zombie). However, these issues are minor, and compared with the number of positive points in this game. Overall, the game is fun, and it has good strategic depth. Surviving 30 nights isn't easy as you think. For the price of $4.99, it is a bit of a bargain for a game with a good depth and length. Totally worth it.
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