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Children of the Nile Complete

Children of the Nile Complete


Critic Reviews

PC Gamer  Score: 82 
Carefully balanced and wellrounded, Children of the Nile will be great fun for armchair history fans or anyone who digs smart RTS simulations. [Jan 2005, p.78]

ICGames  Score:  83 
If you're into all things Egypt then this one if for you, even if your not there's still a few hours of your life to be lost to (in our opinion) one of the better city building games currently available.

Worth Playing  Score: 85 
Twisted Mill games has come up with a City Building Sim that follows in the rich traditions of its predecessors, adds new depth and complexity, a superior graphical presentation, and a more realistic AI model.

Game Informer – Score: 80 
An incredibly enjoyable and complex citybuilder. [Jan 2005, p.143]

Yahoo! Games – Score:  80 
If you come to Children of the Nile with a spirit of investigation and if you're willing to learn the nuances of this complex model of ancient life, you'll be richly rewarded with one of the most serene and gratifying city builders since the genre began.

Game Summary

Children of the Nile Complete includes the Alexandria expansion all in one package for a special price under $10 for the both the enhanced game and expansion.

Children of the Nile is a unique gem of a citybuilding game, unparalleled in both grandeur and attention to detail. As Pharaoh you will guide your people through thousands of years of history: from simple huntergatherers to the creation of an immortal civilization. Guide your people well and you will build breathtaking pyramids, explore the ancient world and wage war against your enemies.

Every inhabitant of your city is a fully developed, living person  part of an individual family and household with wants and needs. From priests to entertainers, scribes to laborers, even the royal family... everyone will need to eat and that’s just the beginning. Every block of stone that is hauled to your pyramid will be pulled by people who pray to the gods in temples of your choosing. Under your supervision, local economies will thrive as goods from reed baskets to gold jewelry will be created, purchased and enjoyed by the inhabitants of your city.

To achieve immortality a Pharaoh must look outside his city’s borders and make an impact on the world. Explore and open trade with foreign neighbors and you will have reason to build commemorative wonders that will tell the tale of your dynasty for all time. As your prestige rises so too will your ability to draw more people to your ambitious endeavors and build cities that are truly epic.

Key Features

  • Robust city building / city simulation
  • Immersive 3D graphics
  • Lifelike citizens
  • Breathtaking monuments commemorate your achievements
  • Exploration, combat, diplomacy, trade
  • Expansive Campaigns, Map Editor
Included the attached Alexandria expansion:
  • Mini-campaign comprised of three new scenarios
  • Two new monuments: the Great Lighthouse and Great Library
  • Multistage monument construction
  • A new World Level map depicting the Mediterranean rim
  • A new Greek raider
  • User-created scenarios - come join our community!

System Requirements


Operating System: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7 operating system
Memory: 256 MB of RAM (512 MB recommended for Windows XP, 1 GB recommended for Windows Vista)
Hard Disk: 1.2 GB of uncompressed free hard drive space
Other: A 100% Windows 98/2000/ME/XPcompatible computer system, including:
     DirectX 9.0b
     100% DirectX 9compliant true 16 bit sound card and drivers
     100% DirectX 9compliant 32 MB video card and drivers (64 MB video card with full DirectX 9.0 support recommended)
     100% Windows 98/2000/ME/XP compatible mouse and drivers
     100% Windows 98/2000/ME/XP compatible keyboard

User Reviews

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Children of the Nile is probably one of the best city management games with an ancient setting (alongside with Caesar 3, Zeus an...d Poseidon and Pharaoh and Cleopatra). Children of the Nile was realeased back in 2004, I believe, so if you were wondering why it looked the way it looks that's the reason. Some people might find it dated and some might still find it good looking, such as myself. It plays pretty much like any other city management game but it has an Egyptian setting, which might please to fans of the egyptian culture such as myself. Overall, you're buying what the game shows you on the screenshots and description, including the Alexandria expansion of course along with a map editor. You can't go wrong with Children of the Nile Complete Edition for $9.99, if you're into city management games you should totally pick this one up.


Pretty generic town building\management game with Egypt setting. Its mostly well build, but not implements anything really new, ...same production chains, buildings required to build another building, slowly paced progress and so on. Its also have significant technical problems not being fixed, probably, ever. Fox example game tends to have huge lag on certain modern hardware and no fix known.


Children of the Nile is a really decent city builder. It does look a bit dated now, it's 9 years old at the time of this review,... but I like the way it looks (and it looks very good when compared to other releases of its time). I've been playing this game on and off since its release, but I decided to pick myself up another copy on Shinyloot for no good reason apart from the fact that it was cheap in the opening sale. I highly recommend you pick this up, especially on sale. It has fantastic depth and while it's easy to play, it's difficult to master. City-sims is one of my favourite genres and this is a classic of the genre in my opinion.
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