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Game Summary

Caster is a high speed 3rd person shooter with explosive effects and massive terrain deformation. Upgrade your attacks and abilities to become a super human and wreak destruction on your enemies. Jump hundreds of feet in the air, move fast enough to run across lakes and flaming lava, create hundred foot craters with a single shot of your fully charged blast attack.

Use your newly found powers to rid the land of the life sucking infestation known as the Flanx.

Key Features

  • Conroller support (Xbox360 conroller recommended).
  • Awesome music by Trance Emerson.
  • Massive terrain deformation.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP or later, Max OSX, Linux.
Memory: 128MB RAM
Hard Disk: 50 MB Harddisk space.
Video: Graphics Card with OpenGL support.

User Reviews

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I found this to be a decent game. It is a little repetitive. But if nothing else its a decent time waster that has a little bit ...of a Mega Man Vibe.


Bland, empty environments are the playground for your terrain deforming skills. The enemy AI is pretty bad. The game is fun and paced. You get a few wide open levels to explore, though none are very detailed. Acrobatics and terrain deformation are the star of the show. The game is short and fairly repetitive. The visuals are not very good. The game looks much older than it is.


An entertaining and original game which gives the player many different magical powers, which they must use to repair and explor...e several levels while purchasing upgrades and collecting new spells.
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