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Game Summary

Caster is a high speed 3rd person shooter with explosive effects and massive terrain deformation. Upgrade your attacks and abilities to become a super human and wreak destruction on your enemies. Jump hundreds of feet in the air, move fast enough to run across lakes and flaming lava, create hundred foot craters with a single shot of your fully charged blast attack.

Use your newly found powers to rid the land of the life sucking infestation known as the Flanx.

Key Features

  • Conroller support (Xbox360 conroller recommended).
  • Awesome music by Trance Emerson.
  • Massive terrain deformation.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP or later, Max OSX, Linux.
Memory: 128MB RAM
Hard Disk: 50 MB Harddisk space.
Video: Graphics Card with OpenGL support.

User Reviews

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I like Caster. I really do. But there are few flaws, that annoyed me. Let me share my thoughts with you, but the short answer is..., it's worth buying right now. After you choose male or female character and naming him/her, it's time to play the game. You are a Caster. Your clan send you to help get rid of infestation of Flanx – bugs in different sizes. This is the story. I feel this is a missed opportunity for something big. The gameplay is what matters here. This is fast-paced TPS. What is different from other games is the speed your character moves. You start with little stamina. With a press of a button your character starts running fast, but for a short period of time. After each mission, you will receive credits, which you will spend for upgrades. They are pretty straightforward. I recommend first to upgrade Dash and Super Jump. That way stamina will increase. Your character will run fast for longer period of time and jumps extremly high. Both are the core of fun here. The game remind me just a little of The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction with one difference – the shooting. Even when you fall from really high, the ground beneath your feet is shaking and making a wave. Well, The Incredible Hulk is more fun, but Caster is fun in its own right. Except with low stamina, you will star with just one weapon. A basic lazer. But soon you will acquire new ones, by finding a specific ball. They are not original. The Eruptor is somewhat interesting, but I wouldn't call it a weapon. With him you can raise the ground and it's useful at few places. Other are: Blast – granade type of weapon; Pusle – basic weapon, but after upgrading it, becomes like a machine gun; Seeker – homing lazer; Stun – well, stuning enemies and Orbit. It have two uses. While holding the LMB button, it forms a shield around you and when is released, you shoot the enemy. I didn't find it that useful, the projectiles are too slow. With exception of Eruptor and Orbit, every other weapon is. Fast enemy – Stun him and kill him with Seeker. Group of bugs around you – jump high and use Blast. With combination of high speed and high jumps, you are up for a adrenaline filled adventure. The character can even run on vertical walls and on water!!! The level desing is kinda disappointing. Just open spaces with hills or puddles on the ground. In terms of mechanics it's great, the character run fast and jumps high. There are some levels filled with lava or toxic gas in the sky and few other specifics conditions, but there isn't enough variety in the environment. There is one interesting thing – terrain deformation. With Blast you will destroy parts of the ground, but with Eruptor you can raise it. It's ton of fun. The textures are not great also. They are bland. The game was released in 2009, but it looks like something that came out from the early 2000's. This apply too for the character you control and the enemies. But don't let this bother you. There are three mission objectives in the game – kill everything, collect energy balls or heal trees by shooting them. They are just not enough variety. Enemies are bug with different sizes. From small ones that just charge at you to a huge ones that shoots you and the game starts to feel like bullet-hell. Of course, the distant cousin of Sonic, uses his speed to avoid the damage. The AI is okay. When you hit some enemies they run from you for a few seconds and then again turn towards you. This is easily exploitable and I don't like it. Of course, there are others with different behavior. Overall i'd say enemiy diversity and AI are fine, nothing spectacular. In some levels you have to use the surroundings to kill enemies, because regular weapons don't work on them or have other requirements. They were fun. Sound design is good. Effects are alright, but the music is fantastic. Punchy, energetic trance that fits extremly well with the fast gameplay. Some are little more relaxing and slow, but still great. While listening it I wanted my character to move faster and faster. Great soundtrack! The biggest letdown for me was the length of the game. 2 h and 38 min. If I didn't want to collect all energy balls, the time would be less. When I reached the end and saw “To be continued” I was like “That's it”? The game costs 2,99 E on Steam and I shoudn't complain, but I had fun, but it wasn't enough. That is way this is my biggest issue. There few mods for the game to extend the fun, so bear that in mind. From the bottom of my heart I admit I wasn't expecting to have so much fun. Don't be fooled by the bad graphics or you will miss a great game. Some people are writtting, that this is how Sonic should look like. What immpress me is every weapon is useful, some more than other. This is rare. Perfect controls, fantastic soundtrack, great gameplay, above 60 fps, but it have some minor (for me) issues like bad graphics and not-so-great level design. This is fantastic short game, but still I highly recommend it.


I found this to be a decent game. It is a little repetitive. But if nothing else its a decent time waster that has a little bit ...of a Mega Man Vibe.


Bland, empty environments are the playground for your terrain deforming skills. The enemy AI is pretty bad. The game is fun and paced. You get a few wide open levels to explore, though none are very detailed. Acrobatics and terrain deformation are the star of the show. The game is short and fairly repetitive. The visuals are not very good. The game looks much older than it is.
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