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Bernie Needs Love (beta)

Bernie Needs Love (beta)


Critic Reviews

Goff Shows Off:
“It is surprisingly addictive!”
“I think the game now, on the deal, is US$ 2.50. Is it worth it? Well, I say yes!”
“So the game is still in development, but yeah, that was a pretty good time!”
“[…] can be quite fun and quite satisfying once you do get that down.”
“I very much suggest this game to anyone who wants a nice little platforming 

Experiência DK:
“That’s what makes the game attractive: it’s difficulty. […] That’s what makes you want 
to keep on playing — wanting to overcome the levels until it ends. It’s the same feeling you get 
from Super Meat Boy. […] Very well done, very well designed.” (Freely translated from 
Brazilian Portuguese.)

Game Summary

The developer has promised Steam keys to past, present, and future customers who purchase this game on ShinyLoot if Greenlit. Vote for it on Greenlight here.

Bernie Needs Love is, in essence, a simple and lighthearted platformer in which the player must guide Bernie, a nice but anguished old man chased by death, towards his girlfriend — while avoiding the many hazards of a poorly maintained yet beautiful city and collecting blue 'love-enhancing' pills to make it an extra-special night.

In a time of eye candy and accessibility over gameplay and personality, Bernie Needs Love truly stands out from the crowd with its charming retro graphics, lovingly composed chiptune music, and hardcore difficulty level — which are sure to satisfy players who grew up in the 8-bit era!

Key Features

  • 8-bit retro graphics
  • Original chiptune soundtrack
  • High difficulty level
  • Support for the Xbox 360 Controller Autosaving
  • Varied areas and subareas
  • Furiously pooping birds
  • Exploding manholes
  • Duck floaters
  • Critic Reviews

System Requirements


Operating System: Windows XP or later
Processor: 1.2 GHz single-core CPU or faster
Memory: 128 MB, 512 MB or more recommended
Hard Disk: 50 MB free disk space
Video: DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card

User Reviews

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Game which needs love but dont deserve it very much. First, its really good into remaking aoldschoolstyle, very well made, but i...ts dont have a much to offer aside it, Frantic gameplay, which dont forgets any mistake, a lot of traps and jokes you cannot enjoy because any little stop is DEATH. Its not bad game, overall, but its way too hectic to just play it without rage quits.


Bernie Needs Love surely reminds me strongly of old-school gaming era. Graphics resemble those from C=64 somehow. Maybe it's pal...ette choice. Overall gameplay is similar in concept to Super Meat Boy - you just want to beat another and another level. Suprisingly addictive.
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