ShinyLoot is a web based digital distributor of PC, Mac, and Linux games located in Austin, TX. We were founded as the solution to a growing number of high quality, independently developed games falling under the radar. Gamers can find new games that best match their interests using our trait and filter system, with over 200 options to narrow down our library of 500 games to find the right one.

Game Discovery & Exploration

shiny loot traits

Our primary focus is to help you find new games that you haven't heard of and more importantly, that you'll enjoy. We built our store from the ground up to focus on search, exploration, and discovery. We now have over 200 completely unique traits by which we classify and recommend games. Additionally, we provide vital tools such as our filter sidebar when browsing games to quickly narrow your search. After all, do you want to sift through every action game when what you really want is a tactical, squad based sci-fi shooter with large battles and mechs?

Indie Focused

shiny loot indie focused

There is a lot of untapped potential in the gaming sphere, and a lot of gamers are looking to strike gold by being the first of their friends to play a new indie hit. We integrate lesser known but quality games with both more popular titles and games from medium sized publishers. This integration provides an ideal platform to showcase what makes each game unique. Our search based system ensures that all of these games are on a level playing field.

ShinyLoot supports the creative risks that indie developers take to bring us fresh, new ideas, and we will assist in growing the indie scene as much as possible. So we go out of our way to showcase these indie titles, whether it's highlighting them on our home page, arranging bundles, or by helping them get greenlit.

Worldwide Customer Equity

We love our customers, regardless if you live in the US, UK, India, China, Brazil, Italy, or Antarctica. Our games are sold for the same base price worldwide and we absolutely don't sell any region locked games. So when you find that hidden gem on ShinyLoot, rest assured you can actually play it.

Limited DRM

ShinyLoot has a unique take when it comes to DRM. Steam requires Steam (duh!), GOG is all DRM-free, and most other stores sell mainly Steam keys. We prefer the most minimal amount of DRM when possible. However, there are some games that do require Steam and we feel that it's important to support those games to maximize game discovery and exploration. As part of our commitment to limited DRM we guarantee our library will always be at minimum 85% DRM-free or DRM-lite.

With that said, we'll be avoiding games that require obtrusive DRM such as SecuROM and Tages without plans to change. We don't want to be treated poorly by sometimes hassle inducing software protection, and we'll make the assumption that neither do you.

Finally, for any DRM-free or DRM-lite games you will not need to download an additional client from us. We pay this games on just as if you were buying direct.

User Reviews & Rewards

shiny loot user reviews

Users need to be able to make informed decisions when purchasing from ShinyLoot. That's why we not only allow users to rate and review games, but we actively encourage it through rewards. A user's first approved review will earn $0.40 in ShinyLoot credits added to their account. All subsequent reviews are worth $0.15, no matter how many reviews are written. These credits can be used to lower the price of a game or buy one outright if you have enough credits. There are no blackout dates, reward caps, or expiration clauses.

Combines DRM-free with Steam

shiny loot user reviews

ShinyLoot provides a mixed use storefront that combines the best of DRM-free, DRM-lite, and Steam gaming. Many of the games in our library include both a Steam or Desura key alongside a DRM-free or DRM-lite download. This way we create more value for you through the convenience of a Steam key and the safety of a DRM-free download.